07/23/10 – Philip Giraldi – The Scott Horton Show

by | Jul 23, 2010 | Interviews

Philip Giraldi, columnist for Antiwar.com, contributing editor at The American Conservative magazine, contributing writer utor to the Campaign for Liberty member of the American Conservative Defense Alliance, the Council for the National Interest Foundation, discusses the case of the defection of Sharam Amiri, his low-level expertise in nuclear matters and access only to rumor about the nuclear program — which said that there was no weapons program, Amiri’s decision to go home and the CIA’s efforts to burn him by claiming he’d turned over all kinds of top secret stuff in order to cause him as much trouble as possible back in Iran, what a low-level asset like that is worth to the CIA, the new update to the National Intelligence Estimate that will just spin the same old info to sound worse rather than pushing a worst-case pile of fake facts like in 2002, the recent Judallah suicide bombings in Iran and the American role in supporting them and the tie between the Brazil-Turkey-Iran nuclear deal and the Israeli raid on the Gaza flotilla.


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