07/23/14 Grant F. Smith

Grant F. Smith, director of IRMEP, discusses the many organizations that lobby the US government on behalf of Israel.


4 thoughts on “07/23/14 Grant F. Smith”

  1. bob bogus

    Dang, he coulda spent the whole hour listing off Isralie type ogranizations all sucking the US taxpayer dry.

  2. persnipoles

    Didn’t see Rand Paul saying USg needs Iron Dome… Just another way to look at that, maybe, is that he’s hinting that we should be looking at who Iron Dome ‘is’ (e.g., follow the money). Next week, I’d hope to hear him talk about how ‘we’ should be buying Dense Inert Metal weapons from Israelis, and the week after that how we should be buying their depleted uranium and white phosphorous. …and then, maybe not in so many words: that we should be hiring their war criminals as an aid to their nepotism. All spoken in a sort of breathless, reverent tone, ideally.

  3. Douglas DavenportD

    Careful of who is controlling all this. I do NOT want to see a repeat of antisemitism which preceded WWII. This almost sounds like something out of Hitler’s playbook.

    1. Steve

      I’ve got a recommendation for DavenportD.

      If you lack the arm or upper torso strength that is necessary for you to pull your head out of your own anus, then I suggest that you hire a few radically less brainless men to lend you some assistance.

      Exactly what IS NEEDED in America IS an INCREASE in the same flavor of anti-Semitism that helped the German people to: (a) Recognize the identity of who was deliberately working to subvert, undermine and ultimately destroy their nation and their race, and (b) To break that enemy stranglehold on the people of Germany (at least for a time) and to restore the racial pride and heritage of the Germanic people and to once again be lead by White leaders who cared about their racial kinsmen and who weren’t corrupted and bought off by the very same enemy race who is now wrapping it’s evil tentacles around the throat of America.

      DavenportD has a life-changing decision to make and he had better make it very soon.

      Either you are on the side of the enemy who seeks to destroy White Western Civilization and genocide the White European architects who created that civilization, or you are on the side of those who intend to fight to the death to defeat those genocidal, Satanic psychopaths.

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