08/12/10 – Stephan Salisbury – The Scott Horton Show

by | Aug 12, 2010 | Interviews

Stephan Salisbury, author of Mohamed’s Ghosts: An American Story of Love and Fear in the Homeland, discusses the ‘Mosque at Ground Zero‘ that is neither a mosque nor at ground zero, how most ‘Not in MY NYC’ protesters are from out of town and don’t reflect the tolerance of Manhattan residents, the hostile sendoff of NYC cultural center representative Feisal Abdul Rauf on his State Department-sponsored Middle East religious tolerance tour, the deep rooted xenophobia in the U.S. exacerbated by post-9/11 government persecution of Muslims, the FBI  informants and provocateurs behind high-profile terrorist-cell arrests and how the Woodrow Wilson-era Palmer Raids gave a career boost to young J. Edgar Hoover.


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