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8/1/18 Arnold Isaacs on Fake Islamophobia in America

by | Aug 2, 2018 | Interviews

Arnold Isaacs talks “Islamophobia”, and whether the alarmists who claim Muslim operatives are scheming to take over the country have legitimate cause for concern. He explains that most of this talk is nothing more than conspiracy, and that Muslim activists generally conduct their advocacy in the open. Not to mention that for the most part they are strong proponents of personal freedoms—in fact, the real extremists know better than to agitate for Sharia Law, because that could out them as such. So why is so-called “Islamophobia” (a dubious term) so widespread?

Discussed on the show:

Arnold Isaacs is a writer, educator, and the author of From Troubled Lands: Listening to Pakistani Americans and Afghan Americans in post 9/11 America. His website is ArnoldIsaacs.net, and you can read his work at antiwar.com and tomdispatch.com.

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