10/01/08 – Will Grigg – The Scott Horton Show

by | Oct 1, 2008 | Interviews

William Norman Grigg, author of the blog Pro-Libertate and the book Liberty in Eclipse: The War on Terror and the Rise of the Homeland Security State, discusses the tragic death of the old American understanding of limited constitutional government under the rule of law: the ever increasing power of the presidency, the case of Jose Padilla, the absurdity of Christians approving of torture, the Milgram torture and Zimbardo prison experiments, the militarization and federalization of American police forces, the brutality and cowardice of the Denver Police Department, the impossibility of living under a republic while maintaining an empire, the horrible War on Drugs and its consequences for liberty and law, our neo-Benthemian surveillance state, the possibility of that most dangerous mix of conscription and military forces deployed in America, and some hope for the future.


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