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3/20/20 Mike Swanson on the Coming Recession

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Interviews

Mike Swanson offers his take on the current virus-induced stock market downturn. What has surprised him most so far is the fact that assets are down across the board, unlike previous recessions, which might see a decline in stocks offset by a jump in precious metals. This suggests that the real panic hasn’t actually hit yet, and that we are likely to see a lull before another big downturn. He and Scott are worried for the economy, but knew even before the coronavirus that something like this was inevitable thanks to decades of interference by the Federal Reserve and other central planners.

Discussed on the show:

Mike Swanson provides investment advice at wallstreetwindow.com and is the author of The War State: The Cold War Origins Of The Military-Industrial Complex And The Power Elite. He also works with the Neopolis Media Group, a group of historians, educators, authors, researchers, and free speech advocates who endeavor to provide original and engaging content, including The Ochelli Effect, and The Lone Gunman Podcast.

This episode of the Scott Horton Show is sponsored by: NoDev NoOps NoIT, by Hussein Badakhchani; The War State, by Mike Swanson; WallStreetWindow.com; Tom Woods’ Liberty ClassroomExpandDesigns.com/ScottListen and Think AudioTheBumperSticker.com; and LibertyStickers.com.

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