7/22/13 Nima Shirazi

Nima Shirazi, an independent researcher and political analyst, discusses the decades of Israeli-American scaremongering about Iran’s nearly-here nuclear weapons; why the neocons and Zionists love Samantha Power; the never-apologize attitude of American exceptionalists; and the requirement of US Ambassador to the UN nominees to lie to the Senate and prostrate before Israel.


2 thoughts on “7/22/13 Nima Shirazi”

  1. hammersmith

    For all the trouble we cause and commotion we create, the world and history is nevertheless leaving America behind. Israel is an artifact of European colonialism; we are an artifact of our own.

  2. mikfax

    McCain would have been a better emperor as people wouldnt be so blinded by the hope and change, and maybe notice when he has no clothes.

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