07/12/12 – Grant F. Smith – The Scott Horton Show

Grant F. Smith discusses his article “Netanyahu Worked Inside Nuclear Smuggling Ring;” how Israel’s government has been stealing nuclear materials and know-how from the US for decades, usually with impunity; and why we shouldn’t be surprised if convicted spy Jonathan Pollard is pardoned within the next year.


2 thoughts on “07/12/12 – Grant F. Smith – The Scott Horton Show”

  1. Ryan Dawson

    it also makes one think about both Arafat and Litvinenko being poisoned by polonium. Lit’s polonium was traced not only back to his boss a Russian oligarch and Jewish billionaire but also on his plane rides back and forth to Israel. Face it had the trail had led anywhere else there would have been an investigation and reporting. Instead we got the ridiculous blame the KGB narrative.

  2. Orville H. Larson

    Israel–that criminal, racist Zionist entity–views the U.S. the way a dog views a lamppost, as something to piss on. The decades-long theft of nuclear secrets and material is in keeping with the Zionist entity’s perfidious nature. Why the U.S. Government subordinates America’s interests to Israel’s is something that future historians will be scratching their heads over.

    Smith is a truth-teller. God knows we need more like him.

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