10/02/12 – Dave Hagen – The Scott Horton Show

Dave Hagen, co-director of the documentary movie The Prosecution of an American President, discusses why George W. Bush is guilty of murder for lying us into war with Iraq; famed Charles Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi’s career and legal theories; how a Bush conviction would make other US presidents think twice before committing high crimes; and how accusations of Democratic partisanship hurt the credibility of Bush critics.


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  1. mikfax

    As a non-american, this doesnt just seem partisan it seems like nationalism. This dave bloke is just worried about American lives, as if American courts don’t have jurisdiction to the murder of foreigners. Its hard to sympathize for the few Americans that die in the process of killing masses of foreigners.

    1. shimyaza

      Mik… you miss the point. This is justice for all brought by this dave bloke who strikes me as being very brave. Bush is guilty of crimes against humanity… this is a start.

  2. Brian Drake

    Great job Scott. Of course, I’m supportive of efforts to bring Bush and gang to justice (what little can be done at least), but you nailed it; when I read Bugliosi’s book a few years back, it was hilarious how naive and silly the man sounded every time he gasped in indignation as though Bush was the first criminal to ever be president. It was laughable how much of a true-believer he is in the American state. It’s as though he’s a child who’s come to realize that Santa Claus isn’t real, so he’s going to make damn well sure other kids know that, otherwise, the Easter Bunny might not bring them candy. And good job at calling out the very transparent partisan motivations involved in al this. That kind of bias was all throughout Bugliosi’s book and it was very hard not to conclude partisanship was an ever present factor. Not that I mind, Bush in prison would be great even if the prosecutor was a hypocritical Democrat.

    Mikfax, I also agree with your comment regarding the horrible nationalism involved. I’m sorry, but I think the Iraqi deaths/injuries are MORE of a tragedy than the those hired thugs of the American military who were killed/injured while participating in murder and destruction. I do have sympathy for every human casualty, even for the guilty, but let’s not engage in the false equivalency of considering an invader shot on the same level as the innocent he and his comrades killed/maimed while invading. What’s worse, as Bugliosi and others have done, iis to not even consider the innocent Iraqis/Afghanis and instead venerate the murderers as saintly dead. Let’s not take part in equivocation. if you’re in the US military, you have declared “I will KILL whoever a POLITICIAN tells me to.” It doesn’t get much more morally reprobate than that. I never cheer the death of a soldier, but you can’t argue they didn’t get what they intended on others who had done them no wrong. Reap what you sow.

  3. R.G. Frano

    359 former co-workers reside, their D.N.A. co-mingled with the plane-jackers…

    359 former co-workers reside, their D.N.A. co-mingled with the plane-jackers…

    I am reminded of the media story, relating how an FBI-female-supervisor attempted to have something done about expired-student-visa-overstays, (who later committed the 11.sept.-attacks), who were “disinterested in the landing portion of their simulator training”!
    She received a manufactured ‘end-of-career’ with ‘whistle-blower lawsuit’ games for her x-tra efforts to prevent the 9-11 incidents.

    That makes Bush & co, responsible, directly, for ALL 9-11-01 casualties, so necesscery for their insane war-profiteering efforts!

    Meanwhile, back at the pre-election-farce…

  4. hammersmith46

    Splendid interview–all the way through! I think efforts like this, Mr. Hagen’s, often get wrapped up in partisan politics without realizing it. Or at least they are carried out in a way that opens them to the charge.

  5. John Mulligan

    Sorry Scott, you are way off base. Don’t prosecute Bush unless you prosecute Obama. Don’t prosecute Nazi war criminals unless you prosecute Stalin. Don’t prosecute Stalin unless you also prosecute Truman. Don’t prosecute Manson unless you also prosecute Johnson and Nixon. Where does it all end. Justice in this world is extremely imperfect. The perfection you are looking for is the road to nowhere.

    This is a perfect example of that aphorism: “a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of a small mind”.

    1. al

      Well, if one be prosecuted, then all be prosecuted. Which begs the question: where to start and where to end? Many presidents would be chargeable: Lincoln, Roosevelt, Nixon, Kennedy, Johnson, Bush, Obama, and more, for they all misled the people and manouevered the country into war. To single out Bush et al, would be tantamount to persecution, under current law. To accomplish the level of accountability needed, the very social fabric of the USA must be changed.

      1. John Mulligan

        If you are waiting for the fabric of our society to change before we “prosecute” George Bush, we will have a long wait. I put “prosecute” in quotes because I don’t think anyone believes this book or documentary will lead to the prosecution of George Bush but hopefully it will highlight and expose the criminally prosecutable crimes of George Bush. I have no problem with someone coming out with a book/documentary on the crimes of Barak Obama and I don’t think he would have to water it down by including the crimes of our other presidents as well as the slave holding of our founding fathers and the massacre of Indians by other American heroes.

  6. Norman T Merkel

    Great interview, although it degenerated into a diatribe against Obama at the end. A well deserved diatribe.

    The point I would like to make is the issue is not little George stupid’s guilt, that is a given. The point is how do we get him, how do we bring him to justice? How do we overcome the political, judicial, proscutorial inertia? How do we start the ball rolling? It took Chile 25 years to get to Pinochet, Bush is not off the hook yet, there is no statue of limitations on war crimes, I just do not want to wait 25 years.

  7. Rohil

    Vincent Bugliosi is one of the biggest idiots in history. Bush is an evil man. That is true but like Charles Manson. Both George W. Bush and Tony Blair launched this criminal war in Iraq on the basis of protecting the State of Israel. Not once is Israel even mentioned or even Tony Blair. Bugliosi is a partisan hypocrite. No wonder all T.V shows now find out that he is an idiot. I was shoked that some progressives believed his crap. The U.S. Federal Government has committed several crimes in its history. This liar says there are none. I never believed anything that Vincent Bugliosi has said in his book. I read The Prosecution of George W. Bush for murder but I have now found out that it is full of lies and distortions. I never saw Bugliosi’s film and I never like him. In my oppinion both Bush and Blair and members of their administration and government should be tried before the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague and sentenced to life in prison. That has been sugessted by both Nobel Peace Prize Winners Desmond Tutu and Mohammed Elbaradei. That is the right punishment that I would approve of.

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