11/12/21 Daniel Davis: We Shouldn’t Send American Soldiers to Die for Taiwan

by | Nov 15, 2021 | Interviews

Scott interviews Daniel Davis about an article he recently published at 19fortyfive.com about Taiwan. Davis does believe there is a solid chance that China will invade Taiwan. At the same time, he does not think there is anything the U.S. can actually do about it. Davis explains that, while the American military is much more powerful on a global scale, the Chinese have enough firepower pointed off their coast to overwhelm the U.S. Navy if it gets close to Taiwan. Scott and Davis agree that it would be a costly and ultimately doomed fight. And both stress that the National Security “experts” pointing to nuclear deterrence as the answer are playing a very dangerous and very stupid game.  

Discussed on the show:

  • “Why Should American Soldiers Die For Taiwan?” (1945)
  • “America Needs To Stop Demanding North Korea Give Up Its Nuclear Weapons” (1945)

Daniel Davis did multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan during his time in the army. He is a Senior Fellow at Defense Priorities and is the author of the reports “Dereliction of Duty II: Senior Military Leaders’ Loss of Integrity Wounds Afghan War Effort” and “Go Big or Go Deep: An Analysis of Strategy Options on Afghanistan.” Find him on Twitter @DanielLDavis1.

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