2/16/18 Reese Erlich on the latest pandemonium in Syria

by | Feb 25, 2018 | Interviews

Foreign correspondent Reese Erlich returns to the show to discuss his latest article “The U.S. is Permanently Occupying Northern Syria, and That’s Trouble.” Erlich dials back to the good old days—2014—when the United States assured Americans it would not be involved on the ground in Syria. Guess what? They ended up in a ground war in Syria. Erlich then details the immense factionalism in the region, and some of the myriad incentives different groups have. Erlich then discusses the role Israel is playing in Syria and how tensions between Iran and Israel are playing out in real time.

Reese Erlich is a nationally syndicated columnist and the author of Inside Syria: The Backstory of Their Civil War and What the World Can Expect. Erlich’s revised edition of his book ”The Iran Agenda” will be published in 2018. In the meantime read his work at his website and follow him on Twitter.

Discussed on the show:

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