7/23/18 Phil Giraldi on the Russia Indictment

by | Jul 27, 2018 | Interviews

Phil Giraldi, former CIA officer, comes back on the show to talk about the recent Russia indictment, which he claims just doesn’t add up. For instance, why launch a criminal investigation into foreign intelligence officers that you could never prosecute in the United States? And if the indicted Russians do show up in court, the Justice Department will have to reveal its intel, normally the last thing they’d want to do. This level of intel also suggests a high-up source inside Russian intelligence, but bringing this indictment will almost certainly cause the GRU to find the source and stop any further leaks. He makes his case in depth in his recent article, “The Establishment Strikes Back.”

Discussed on the show:

  • “The Establishment Strikes Back” (unz.com)
  • “Game On – East vs. West, again” (Harper’s)
  • “Mueller’s Politicized Indictment of Twelve Russian Intelligence Officers” (National Review)
  • “Candid camera: Dutch hacked Russians hacking DNC, including security cameras” (arstechnica.com)
  • “12/13/16 Craig Murray: DNC, Podesta emails leaked by Americans, not hacked by Russia” (Libertarian Institute)

Phil Giraldi is a former CIA Case Officer and Army Intelligence Officer who spent twenty years overseas in Europe and the Middle East working terrorism cases. He is the executive director for the Council for the National Interest and writes regularly for The American Conservative Magazine and Antiwar.com.

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