10/28/08 – Mark Ames – The Scott Horton Show

by | Oct 28, 2008 | Interviews

Mark Ames, author of ‘The Cold War that Wasn’t‘ in The Nation, discusses the dominant narrative and ideological underpinnings in the U.S. press regarding the recent Georgian attack on South Ossetia and subsequent Russian counterattack on Georgia, the attempt to portray Russia as the aggressor by floating the idea of a first-strike cyber war despite the lack of any evidence, the alleged poisoning of Ukraine’s Victor Yushchenko and the current dispute between Yushchenko and Yulia Timoshenko over her reaction to the Georgia war, the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko, NATO expansion into Eastern Europe, the precedent set by U.S. intervention in Kosovo, the danger of putting ‘defensive’ missiles in Eastern Europe while the U.S. foreign policy establishment contemplates first strike capability, U.S. NED support for the Russian National Bolsheviks, the ‘shock therapy’ robbery of Russian resources under Yeltsin’s autocracy in the 1990s and the consequences.


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