10/19/18 Justin Elliott on Sheldon Adelson

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Journalist Justin Elliott comes on the show to talk about casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who has become one of President Trump’s biggest donors. Although Trump derided him early in his campaign, the two have formed a close partnership with Adelson providing tens of millions in funding so long as Trump continues the correct policies with respect to Israel, Palestine, and Iran. Elliott and others have also speculated that Trump is trying to get Adelson approval to open a casino in Japan, helping him to expand his gambling empire in Asia.

Discussed on the show:

Justin Elliott is a reporter for ProPublica. He has produced stories for The New York Times and National Public Radio, and his reporting with NPR on the Red Cross’ troubled post-earthquake reconstruction efforts in Haiti won a 2015 Investigative Reporters and Editors award. Follow him on Twitter @JustinElliott.

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