5/9/18 Jon Schwarz on the new AUMF, indefinite detention of Americans, and Syria

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The Intercept’s Jon Schwarz returns to the show to discuss his article latest work for the Intercept about the new AUMF, the Trump administration’s strikes on Syria, and indefinite detainment of U.S. citizens. Schwarz makes the case that the new AUMF, meant to cure the ills of the old AUMF, is actually an even graver threat and has codified permanent war. Schwarz then describes the twisted logic used by the Trump administration to apply the AUMF to the strikes against Assad. Schwarz says that anyone who remembers the political climate in 2001 should be very frightened by the developments under the Trump administration.

Jon Schwarz is a writer for The Intercept. Previously he worked for documentary film maker Michael Moore and his blog Tiny Revolution. Follow him on Twitter @schwarz.

Discussed on the show:

  • “Cure Worse Than Disease: Bill to Restrict Trump’s War Powers Would Actually ‘Endorse a Worldwide War on Terror’,” by Jon Schwarz (The Intercept)
  • “New Bipartisan Bill Could Give any President the Power to Imprison U.S. Citizens in Military Detention Forever,” by Jon Schwarz (The Intercept)
  • “Donald Trump Ordered Syria Strike Based on a Secret Legal Justification Even Congress Can’t See,” by Jon Schwarz (The Intercept)

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