10/19/11 – Pepe Escobar – The Scott Horton Show

by | Oct 19, 2011 | Interviews

Pepe Escobar, journalist and author of Obama Does Globalistan, discusses his article “Obama, the king of Africa” about the US military commitment in Uganda and surrounding countries, supposedly to fight the Lord’s Resistance Army; the terrible human rights record of Uganda’s government (even worse than the LRA); the strange African brew of neo-colonialism, tinpot dictators, pipeline routes and JSOC outposts; the great game of mineral and energy extraction playing out between countries like China and South Korea who actually produce things, and the US that wants to spoil it for everyone; the Heritage Oil company’s remarkable ability to capitalize on US military interventions in oil rich countries, and get oil contracts before anyone else; ample opportunities for humanitarian interventions in the DRC (Congo); and the version 1.3 US proxy war with Somalia, this time with Kenyan forces.


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