6/19/20 Patrick Cockburn on the Heinous Mistreatment of Julian Assange

by | Jun 20, 2020 | Interviews

Patrick Cockburn joins the show for an update on Julian Assange, who continues to languish in jail as he awaits the results of his possible extradition from Britain to the U.S. on charges under the Espionage Act. Scott and Cockburn revisit the important role Assange has played in exposing government malfeasance over the last decade, including, notably, by enabling the heroic leaks by Chelsea Manning, which provided the source material for tens of thousands of news stories that the public needed to hear. Many in the mainstream media have been quick to vilify Assange, even though the supposed crimes he is in trouble for could be equally applied to them.

Discussed on the show:

Patrick Cockburn is the Middle East correspondent for The Independent and the author of The Age of Jihad and Chaos & Caliphate.

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