09/12/12 – Anthony Gregory – The Scott Horton Show

Anthony Gregory of the Independent Institute discusses why American conservatives are changing their minds about the War on Drugs; the hypocrisy of drug-warrior presidents (especially Obama) who previously used illegal drugs themselves; why the Democratic Party is no friend to civil liberties and the Bill of Rights; and how unjust drug laws are largely responsible for institutionalized racism and The New Jim Crow in America.


3 thoughts on “09/12/12 – Anthony Gregory – The Scott Horton Show”

  1. Roger Lafontaine

    I have friends who have been smoking pot for over 40 years now. They all work for a living, are dependable, don’t use ‘hard’ drugs. Yet we’re told that marijuana is a ‘gateway drug’ that will lead one to ‘the bad stuff’. It is a gateway drug – a gateway to the police state that is. Anyone anywhere can be stopped and searched, harassed and jailed, and if they need to the police can plant the stuff on you to bust you. That’s why they’ll never legalize marijuana. It’s a cover for the police state.

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