8/21/20 Ammon Bundy on Supporting Black Lives Matter’s Effort to Defund the Police

by | Aug 24, 2020 | Interviews

Ammon Bundy discusses his reasons for endorsing the Black Lives Matter movement and their move to defund police departments across America. Bundy, of course, was involved in a standoff with the Bureau of Land Management over cattle grazing rights in 2014, a fiasco that resulted in jail time and widespread media slander for Bundy, before his name was completely cleared when a federal judge finally forced the truth to come out. Bundy has come to realize that many of the efforts to divide people by race and political party are just tactics to make it easier to control them. He believes we all have much more in common than not, and that good people of all stripes ought to unite around issues like ending the abuses of the American people by their security forces.

Discussed on the show:

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