02/25/10 – James L. Payne – The Scott Horton Show

James L. Payne, Research Fellow at the Independent Institute, discusses the often-exaggerated US role in democracy-building during the post-WWII occupation of Germany, FDR’s intent to keep Germany impoverished for a generation, how the issuance of a currency and the end of price controls allowed the German economy to rebuild, government “good intentions” that invariably produce bad results and why “democracy” is really nothing more than the absence of violence in the political process.


One thought on “02/25/10 – James L. Payne – The Scott Horton Show”

  1. mammalian

    Damn I could listen to Payne talk all day. What a pleasant, smart, knowledgeable guest. I’ve listened to this interview like ten times straight. Have that guy on again!

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