12/22/17 Robert Viglione on the latest cryptocurrency Zen Cash and the Seasteading movement

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Co-founder of cryptocurrency Zen Cash Robert Viglione joins Scott on the show—and as the latest sponsor of the Scott Horton Show—to discuss the future of cryptocurrencies and his project Zen Cash. Viglione believes that Zen Cash is leading the way in privacy and anti-censorship in cryptocurrency in the name of creating a virtual free society. Viglione outlines the mission of Zen Cash and how it is differentiated not only from fiat money but also from other cryptocurrencies. Scott and Viglione then discuss the potential dangers of total reliance on public cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Viglione discusses the future risk to cryptocurrencies from the state and why, in his estimation, the threat to cryptocurrencies generally is small, but that the individual is always at risk from the arbitrary force of the state. Viglione then turns to another leading project he’s working on: The Seasteading Institute, which aims to create voluntaryist communities offshore.

Robert Viglione is the co-founder of Zen Cash, which is a new sponsor of the Scott Horton Show. Follow Viglione on Twitter @robviglione. Visit Zen Cash at zencash.comor zensystem.io.

Discussed on the show:

Quote of the show: “Rather than argue with Mao just go ahead and create a Hong Kong.” —Robert Viglione

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