09/30/16 – David Noriega – The Scott Horton Show

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Interviews

David Noriega, reporter for Buzzfeed News, talks about Act for America and Brigitte Gabriel, and his new article: “Meet the Charming, Terrifying Face of the the Anti-Islam Lobby”. David talks about Gabriel and Act for America’s organization efforts in communities to spread Islamophobia. Brigitte Gabriel’s biography as a refugee from the Lebanese Civil War is also discussed, as well as her efforts to paint that war as a Holy War against Christianity by Islam, which is patently false . David also talks about the sincerity of “The Anti Islam Lobby”, and Frank Gaffney’s links between Cold War paranoia and conspiracy and American Islamophobia. Is the American Republic about to fall to the Muslim Brotherhood? Find out in today’s interview.


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