5/30/24 Matt Taibbi on the Newest Revelations about Twitter’s Relationship with the Intelligence Agencies

by | Jun 2, 2024 | Interviews

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Scott is joined by Matt Taibbi to discuss a series of reports he recently coauthored that provide new details on the so-called censorship-industrial complex. Taibbi talks about what he and his fellow journalists discovered and what it reveals about the official effort to control narratives going into the 2024 election.

Discussed on the show:

  • “Censorship Files: “We Will Not Be Intimidated From Continuing Our Mission in… 2024” (Racket)
  • “Twitter Files – CIA” (Public)
  • “The Overlooked Twitter Files Scandal: How the Intelligence Community Wore Down the Platform” (Racket)

Matt Taibbi is a journalist, author and political commentator. Subscribe to his Substack publication: Racket News and follow him on Twitter @mtaibbi.

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