10/10/16 – Kenneth Vogel – The Scott Horton Show

by | Oct 10, 2016 | Interviews

“Obama DOJ drops charges against alleged broker of Libyan Weapons”, Kenneth Vogel’s new article about Mark Turi, an arms dealer that was the target of a DOJ case with alleged links to the Clinton State Department and the CIA. Turn was a well known arms dealer, who had worked with the US government before the Libyan crisis. The case against Turi is alleged to have been dropped right at the point where sensitive disclosures about Clinton’s role in the transfer of weapons from Libya to Syria would have been revealed. Clinton is placed at risk in part because of her questioning by Sen. Rand Paul, who asked Clinton specifically about the transfers in a Senate hearing, which she denied knowledge of. All of this, and other great things are discussed in this episode of the Scott Horton show.


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