07/19/10 – Bruce Fein – The Scott Horton Show

by | Jul 19, 2010 | Interviews

Bruce Fein, author of American Empire: Before the Fall, discusses the domestic consequences of foreign empire, the very fast transition from republic to empire in American history, the changing of the presidency from chief executive to permanent war commander, the simple truth that terrorism is a reaction to, not the reason for American interventionism in the Middle East, Faisal Shazad’s explanation of how this works to a federal judge in New York recently, an example of how empire’s bring themselves down, the morality and effectiveness of a peaceful state with an explicit nuclear deterrent, the long, long list of new powers claimed by the president since 9/11 and the secrecy surrounding it all, the war powers of the presidency as the core of our problem, the Washington D.C. imperial court, how to restore the republic and why we have to try.


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