10 thoughts on “08/21/14 – John J. Mearsheimer – The Scott Horton Show”

  1. Ryan

    I’m shocked that Mearsheimer just omitted the fact the the current government in Kiev was a coup. He said they will regain all of Ukraine again. They never had all of Ukraine, this was a selected government not an elected government. NATO has been backing Chechen terrorist for decades. Of course they are provoking Russia.

    1. Shingo

      Yes I have to agree that I was shocked at the extent to which Mearsheimer is out of touch. The way he described the expansion of NATO as just a well meaning effort to expand peace is simply absurd. Cheney and co made it clear their agenda was to create the break up of Russia. Every step of the way, Russia have voiced objections to the expansion of NATO and that they would view it as an act of aggression, yet Mearsheimer expects us to believe that this never occured to anyone in Washington.

      I never would have expected Mearsheimer to be in such a Washington bubble.

  2. Iron Gnome

    I’m supposed to believe that the “West” really, truly thought that moving NATO up to Russia was actually a peace initiative, that they were blindsided by Russia’s reaction? In spite of 25 years of warnings? Really Mr. Mearsheimer?
    I’d also suggest to Mearsheimer to revisit his demographic stats and economic stats on Russia.

    1. Jim

      Yeah, and that US is “spreading democracy.” I have a lot of respect for Mr. Mearsheimer but he’s got to be kidding me if he buys that shit.

      1. Shingo


        Meareshimer has written some outstanding essays, but in this interview, he came across as some senile old uncle who just woke up from an 30 year coma.

  3. Iron Gnome

    I’m mystified. Has Mearsheimer never read US doctrine; Full Spectrum Dominance, The Project for the New American Centrury, Halford Mackinder, Zbig Brother Brzezinski?

  4. Colin Brace

    Around minute 25, Mearschimer says:

    “were civil war to break out in eastern Ukraine…”

    Huh? What does he think is happening there now? Mearsheimer appears woefully uninformed. Like the other commenters here observed: the neocons in the US State Dept have made it abundantly clear that the goal is encircling and ultimately dismembering Russia.

    The good professor has it backwards: it isn’t Russia that is trying to destroy Ukraine to prevent it from becoming a partner to the West; it is NATO that is sowing chaos and destruction to plague Russia.

    1. Shingo

      Yes I agree.

      Another absurd claim Meareshimer made was that Russia is trying to destroy the Ukraine, because fi they can’t have it, no one will. The reality is quite the opposite. It is the neocons and NATO that are demonstrating their willingness to destroy the Ukraine. It is the IMF that is imposing austerity measures on the Ukraine that even Vitoria Neuland’s hand picked puppet, Yatsenyeuk, admitted would be suicidal. Russia offered 15 billion as an unconditional loan.

      It is the Russians, French and Germans that are pushing for a ceasefire while Washington is telling Poroshenko to ignore it and continue destroying the East.

  5. mikfax

    This is such a sad interview. This guy has a phd in geo politics, could he be any more of an apologist for the military industrial complex. Let this senile grandpa move to Florida and work on his gardening skills.

  6. CabrilloBob

    I respected Mr. Mearshiemer’s opinions regarding the Middle East and his appearance in Congress. It is very disappointing to hear him in this interview and read his article in the Foreign Affairs. Even I, with half a brain on these matters saw the deceit regarding anti-missile missiles in Europe to protect against Iran. Such hogwash. And for him to claim the neo’s really believed their good intentions is an admission of juvenile proportions. Surely he knows the people in the arena have their talking points in saying one thing while believing differently.

    My guess. since he has been in the background since his criticisms of Israel he has been taken to the woodshed. A slight proof for me is during the first half of the interview I heard the telltale lilting up at the end of statetments (apologeia, lack of confidence?). He seemed to gain his usual emphatic tone toward the end. Sad. Still we have Stephen Cohen .. for now.

    Very interesting to note his shortlived predictions given the history of only the recent 2 weeks; comical almost.

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