6/1/18 Daniel Lazare on how the spooks are spooking themselves over Russiagate

by | Jun 16, 2018 | Interviews

Daniel Lazare returns to the show to discuss his latest article for Consortium News, “Spooks Spooking Themselves.” Lazare begins by expressing his disbelief in the consensus view that the DNC was in fact hacked. He makes the case instead, by reviewing the timeline of the claims that Russia colluded with the Trump administration to secure the election for Donald Trump, that the whole thing has been an intelligence operation from the beginning, citing much from Jane Mayer’s piece about the Christopher Steele dossier in the New Yorker. Lazare then shares his utter exasperation that the two good ideas Donald Trump raised during the election—rapprochement with Russia and opposing regime change in Syria—are the two areas where Liberals have been most critical of his policy. Finally the two discuss whether Trump, defeater of Bushes and Clintons, can muster any good foreign policy wins.

Daniel Lazare is the author of The Frozen Republic: How the constitution is Paralyzing Democracy and a regular contributor at Consortium News. Find all of his work at his website and follow him on Twitter @dhlazare.

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