6/19/20 Jeff Abramson on America’s Bloody Arms Industry

by | Jun 20, 2020 | Interviews

Scott interviews Jeff Abramson about America’s convoluted process for selling weapons to foreign governments. The arms trade is a multi-billion dollar industry for private firms like Raytheon—but it’s also a process that is highly controlled by the U.S. government, muddying the incentives and leading to a public-private partnership with very little accountability and unfailingly terrible results. Abramson describes the circular way in which weapons companies and various branches of government push both their own selfish interests and what they believe to be in the country’s interest, to create a self-perpetuating system that no one can quite take the blame for. The result, tragically, is nothing but money in the pockets of the arms manufacturers and more dead civilians abroad.

Discussed on the show:

Jeff Abramson is a senior fellow for conventional arms control and transfers at the Arms Control Association. Follow him on Twitter @jeffabramson.

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