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5/1/20 Aaron Maté on the Latest OPCW Scandal

by | May 4, 2020 | Interviews

Scott interviews Aaron Maté on a new report by a group of OPCW whistleblowers alleging more misconduct from the organization. Just like in the famous case at Douma, where scant findings were used to justify retributive action against the Assad government while exculpatory evidence was deliberately excluded, these employees say that a similarly misleading incident took place in the case of an alleged attack in the Syrian town of Ltamenah in 2017. In fact they claim that an entire special team, supposedly set up to conduct thorough and unbiased investigations of incidents during the Syrian civil war actually had directives to find a way to blame everything that it could on Assad in order to justify military action against him. The new report exposes some of this subterfuge by analyzing both the technical details and the political motivations of the actors involved. Scott and Maté also discuss the ridiculous “Russiagate” hoax, which continues to rear its ugly head in the mainstream media.

Discussed on the show:

  • “Exclusive: OPCW insiders slam ‘compromised’ new Syria chemical weapons probe” (The Grayzone)

Aaron Maté is a former host and producer at The Real News and writes regularly at The Nation. Follow him on Twitter @AaronJMate.

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