5/30/18 Max Blumenthal and Dan Cohen preview their new documentary, ‘Killing Gaza’

by | Jun 2, 2018 | Interviews | 2 comments

Journalists Max Blumenthal and Dan Cohen join the show to discuss their new documentary “Killing Gaza.” Blumenthal and Cohen describe how they each came to identify as Jewish anti-Zionists, the radical rightward shift in Israeli domestic politics, and the pro-Zionist and anti-Semitic views of the American evangelical Christian community. Then they transition to their new documentary “Killing Gaza” and how they set about documenting the hell they witnessed in the wake of the 51-day war in 2014. Blumenthal and Cohen share a handful of the stories of the people that they spoke to in Gaza and discuss the story of the recent protests and the self-immolation of Fathi Harb.

Director and writer of “Killing Gaza,” Max Blumenthal is a senior editor of the Grayzone Project and the author GoliathRepublican Gomorrah, and The 51 Day War. Follow Max on Twitter @MaxBlumenthal.

Cinematographer and editor Dan Cohen is a correspondent for RT American and filmmaker. His website is dancohenmedia.com. Follow him on Twitter @dancohen3000.

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