9/25/20 Gilbert Doctorow on the US Government’s Provocative Russia Policy

by | Sep 28, 2020 | Interviews

Gilbert Doctorow discusses the latest aggressive maneuvers being carried out by the U.S. government and its allies toward Russia. Doctorow says that the flying of planes near Russia’s border just for intelligence gathering is quite common and relatively unthreatening—but lately America has been sending bombers to those same areas, which actively engage their weapons systems in a way that Russia can detect. Doctorow says that the only possible motive for doing this is to send the message that America is still in charge, and that our NATO allies, who accompany U.S. planes on many of these flights, are united in opposing Russian interests. These maneuvers, Doctorow reminds us, are just one of the ways America has been posturing against Russia in recent years. Our government has also supported regime change in Ukraine and Belarus, helped expand NATO further eastward, pulled out of nuclear weapons treaties and encouraged a full-scale anti-Russian propaganda campaign in the form of the “Russiagate” conspiracy theory. All things considered, Russia has shown tremendous restraint—Doctorow fears that won’t always be the case.

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Gilbert Doctorow is an independent political analyst and was the European Coordinator of The American Committee for East-West Accord. He writes regularly for Consortium News. His latest book is Does the United States Have a Future?

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