10/17/18 Ted Snider on Israel’s New Foreign Policy

by | Oct 18, 2018 | Interviews

Ted Snider explains the “Periphery Doctrine”, a foreign policy strategy by which a nation, in this case Israel, can either ally itself with its immediate neighbors against its more distant ones, or “leapfrog” its neighbors to be friends with those on the periphery instead. The history of Israel’s foreign policy has been characterized by one of these two options, until now. Netanyahu, Snider explains, has created a new doctrine by which he tries to turn Palestinians and Arabs against each other at home, and uses alliances with countries like Egypt to help enforce “peace” with the Palestinians.

Discussed on the show:

Ted Snider has a graduate degree in philosophy and writes on analyzing patterns in U.S. foreign policy and history. He is a regular writer for AntiWar.com and ConsortiumNews.com.

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