7/26/19 Hassan El-Tayyab on Congress’ Unusually Good Antiwar Efforts

by | Jul 28, 2019 | Interviews

Hassan El-Tayyab summarizes the efforts in congress to end America’s various wars in the Middle East, led mostly by democrats, but also with the support of some liberty-oriented republicans. Democrats have been accused of slashing the military because their proposed NDAA budget is smaller than the republicans’. But the critics leave out the fact that it too would mean an increase from last year, and is almost as large as the republican proposal. Scott theorizes that this multi-pronged campaign in congress may have been partly responsible for the recent announcement that the UAE will be withdrawing most of its soldiers from Yemen, signaling a possible end to the war.

Discussed on the show:

Hassan El-Tayyab is a musician and peace activist based in Chicago. Find his work at justforeignpolicy.org.

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