2/26/13 Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett

Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett, authors of Going to Tehran: Why the United States Must Come to Terms with the Islamic Republic of Iran, discuss the obstacles to successful P5+1 talks; why the US still refuses to accept the Iranian government’s legitimacy – even after 33+ years; why the Obama administration’s Iran “containment” policy isn’t sustainable; how Iran’s “participatory Islamist” style of government and defiant foreign policy are inspiring people across the Middle East – and scaring the US and Israel; the US’s support for radical Sunni Salafists in Libya and Syria, in an effort to counter Iran’s influence; and how the neoconservatives staved off an MEK-al-Qaeda prisoner swap (and closer Iran relations) after 9/11.


12 thoughts on “2/26/13 Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett”

  1. Walter Cole

    That was a fantastic interview and discussion. Thank you Scott.

    According to your guests, Hillary and Flynt, attacking Iran takes the expression “Right is Might” to a totally new dimension. In the past we invaded poor countries whose people perceived they were right and eventually drove us out. In the case of Iran, this perceived feeling of being right will extend throughout the Middle East and indeed the entire world, affording Iran much more power than we

    1. Visitor

      True and most profound it is. For out of pure stupdity were
      going to try and invade a nation that most preceive as having
      the moral high ground and who are actiing only in self-defense.

  2. eCAHNomics

    Second Walter Cole on great interview.

    This is what U.S. policy would look like if U.S. had sensible foreign policy.

    U.S. does not, and will not in the foreseeable future, have a sensible foreign policy.

    To paraphrase Rummy, you go to war with the foreign policy you have, not with the one you would like to have.

    1. fauxxbatt jack

      ideally Rumsfelds’ parable seems more an exscuse in a beaurocratic vein no less, a path of/to logic “deployed” only in the post steam rolled tense, not like wisdomary pearls, ahead of events with the aim on the accurate target dead on, policy, revolutionary i beleive the statesmans challenge, ya know, if the “policy” allows, free willed if i recall, pursued from 1776 till ?, better start over, from the beginning &,,, commence, , , up to it, just a pair of dice they are

  3. Ando Arike

    Thanks, Hillary, Flynt, Scott for proof that the U.S. government has had (and may still have) decent, intelligent people working for the benefit of humanity, rather than the profit of the MIC.

    It’s so good to hear foreign policy experts speak the truth, and to speak of the potential for peace. If only the U.S. political class would listen.

    1. Visitor

      Problem is, the “American political class” is the voting majority and if we think their ignorant or stupid, then surely we are the most stupid and ignorant do-gooders the world has ever known. For they are the 51% most intelligent, making them the 51% most wealthy, which automatically causes them to be the 51% most greedy.

      Most profound, we all have a touch of greed, deep down we all know that greed has something to do with the root cause of all things corrupt and inhuman, yet the Scott Horton Show considers greed a non-issue.

  4. Aren Haich

    Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett are a couple of most acute observers of Iran affairs.
    I would have loved to know their thinking on IR and the Hezbollah lately being accused by Israel and the US of being behind a spate of worldwide terrorist attacks on Israeli targets.
    I would especially like to have their insider knowledge of who might really have been behind the plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador in the US.

    1. Aren Haich

      Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett Have offered cogent and much neglected points of discussion in this interview.
      It would be useful if you could come forth with some good facts and arguments instead of attemting to discredit the Leveretts indirectly.

  5. Claus-Erik Hamle

    The bottom line: Launch On Warning by 2017. Missile engineer Bob Aldridge-www.plrc.org-on the missiles in Eastern Europe: “Whether they are on ships or land, they are still a necessary component for an unanswerable first strike.” The missiles will be deployed by 2018 and result in Launch On Warning by 2017. More info: claus eric/antiwar.com esp. interview with Ray McGovern May 07, 2012. There

  6. Zeke

    The standard use of “we”, “our” etc. when referring to US foreign policy gets REALLY FRIGGIN OLD.

    It aint you, it aint me, so stop, think, and don’t conflate psychopaths in DC with the yourself, myself, or the general population.

    Just a healthy separation and distinction that needs to be made common.

    Thanks for the analysis.


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