02/26/13 – Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett – The Scott Horton Show

by | Feb 26, 2013 | Interviews | 12 comments

Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett, authors of Going to Tehran: Why the United States Must Come to Terms with the Islamic Republic of Iran, discuss the obstacles to successful P5+1 talks; why the US still refuses to accept the Iranian government’s legitimacy – even after 33+ years; why the Obama administration’s Iran “containment” policy isn’t sustainable; how Iran’s “participatory Islamist” style of government and defiant foreign policy are inspiring people across the Middle East – and scaring the US and Israel; the US’s support for radical Sunni Salafists in Libya and Syria, in an effort to counter Iran’s influence; and how the neoconservatives staved off an MEK-al-Qaeda prisoner swap (and closer Iran relations) after 9/11.


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