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1/31/20 Michael Tracey on the Democrats’ New Cold War Impeachment Narrative

by | Feb 1, 2020 | Interviews

Scott discusses the impeachment proceedings against President Trump with journalist Michael Tracey, who says that there are some alarming allegations underneath the democrats’ blanket accusation of “abuse of power.” What they are really alleging, says Tracey, is that Trump is guilty of treason, a crime that carries the death penalty. Most alarming of all, though, is how pervasive the cold war rhetoric has become even among average democratic voters. People don’t seem to realize that this political soap opera they tune into for entertainment is moving the world steadily toward the brink of nuclear war. Tracey and Scott both think Trump could be impeached for actual crimes—but this is not a standard any reasonable person should support.

Discussed on the show:

Michael Tracey is a New York based journalist. You can find a collection of his writing at his website or follow him on Twitter @mtracey.

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