05/11/12 – John Glaser – The Scott Horton Show

by | May 11, 2012 | Interviews

John Glaser, Assistant Editor at Antiwar.com, discusses the government’s premature bragging about foiling another underwear bomber terrorist plot – which became embarrassing when news broke about the bomber’s CIA/Saudi connection; Hillary Clinton’s well-founded doubts about arming Syria’s rebellion, whose ranks include al-Qaeda members and suicide bombers; why a “safe zone” in Syria is about as stupid as the “no fly zone” in Libya – and just as sure to start a larger war; the media’s disinterest in Libya since Gaddafi’s death and “mission accomplished,” even though human rights violations abound; the continued crackdown against peaceful protesters in Bahrain, though not even Al Jazeera finds it newsworthy; and how the US’s Middle East policy is geared toward maintaining a regional foothold and containing Iran, not exporting democracy.


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