9/25/20 Andrea Prasow on the Deadly Consequences of the US-Saudi War in Yemen

by | Sep 26, 2020 | Interviews

Scott interviews Andrea Prasow about the war crimes and human rights violations being perpetrated by all sides in the war in Yemen. She reminds us that although civilians always suffer the most during war, this war has seen a particularly cruel strategy by the Saudis, supported by the U.S., of deliberately targeting civilian infrastructure and blocking the delivery of food and humanitarian aid. Also unlike most of America’s wars, congress has made several attempts to force an end to U.S. involvement, but so far President Trump has blocked them, claiming that our relationship with Saudi Arabia is good for America’s economy.

Discussed on the show:

Andrea Prasow is Washington Director at Human Rights Watch. She frequently appears on domestic and international radio and television, and has published in a wide range of print and online media outlets, including Politico, The Hill and Foreign Policy. Follow her on Twitter @andreaprasow.

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