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1/25/19 John V. Walsh on Nuclear Disarmament

by | Jan 30, 2019 | Interviews

Scott interviews John V. Walsh about nuclear disarmament and Daniel Ellsberg’s book, The Doomsday Machine. Walsh explains that we don’t actually have to completely abandon all nuclear weapons—the important thing is that they be taken off of the hair-trigger alerts that could so easily bring about global catastrophe. He admits that there is some value in having deterrents against regime change and aggressive war, but we should try to abolish first strike capabilities. Despite the potential for genocide, the political and media establishment, as well as the military-industrial complex, seem totally unwilling to discuss this issue.

Discussed on the show:

John V. Walsh is a writer and former medical school professor. He contributes regularly at Antiwar.com, Consortium News, DissidentVoice.org, and The Unz Review.

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