6/26/20 Jonathan Hafetz on the Plight of Adham Amin Hassoun

by | Jun 28, 2020 | Interviews

Scott talks to Jonathan Hafetz about the troubling case of Adham Amin Hassoun, a man who was convicted in 2008 of providing material support to terrorist organizations. Hassoun was a legal resident of the United States, but is not a citizen, so upon completion of his prison sentence in 2017, the government sought to deport him. But Hassoun, born in Lebanon to refugee parents, doesn’t hold citizenship in any country, and the U.S. couldn’t find a country to send him to. Instead, they invoked an obscure section of the Patriot Act that supposedly allows them to detain Hassoun indefinitely. Hafetz and the ACLU are challenging them on this claim, fighting for the freedom of a man who by all accounts has served his time and now deserves his liberty.

Discussed on the show:

  • “Government Case Collapses Against Adham Amin Hassoun, First Man Jailed Indefinitely Under Patriot Act” (The Daily Beast)
  • “Zadvydas v. Davis” (Oyez)

Jonathan Hafetz is a senior staff attorney at the ACLU Center for Democracy. He teaches at Seton Hall Law School and has published many books. Follow him on Twitter @JonathanHafetz.

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