12/30/21 Daniel Larison: US Militarism Should Have Died With the Soviet Union

by | Dec 31, 2021 | Interviews

Scott is joined by Antiwar.com contributing editor Daniel Larison to discuss his most recent piece. Larison argues that the period following the peaceful breakup of the USSR was the best moment for the U.S. to shed the militaristic blob it had built up in the name of fighting communism. Instead, the military-industrial-congressional complex scrambled to find a new enemy. And the next thirty years of meddling in the Middle East and Eastern Europe have resulted in today’s messy geopolitical status quo. 

Discussed on the show:

  • “US Militarism Should Have Died With the Soviet Union” (Antiwar.com)
  • “The Looming Threat of a Nuclear Crisis with Iran” (The New Yorker)

Daniel Larison is a contributing editor at Antiwar.com, contributor at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft and former senior editor at The American Conservative magazine. Follow him on Twitter @DanielLarison or on his blog, Eunomia.

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