03/01/14 – Ray McGovern – The Scott Horton Show

Ray McGovern, co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), discusses Chelsea Manning’s award for the Sam Adams Integrity Prize¬†of 2014; the Russian response to the US-backed coup in Ukraine; incremental NATO incursion up to Russia’s borders; and Obama’s hollow warnings of “consequences” for Russian actions that have already occurred.


12 thoughts on “03/01/14 – Ray McGovern – The Scott Horton Show”

  1. Claus Eric Hamle

    Headed for Suicide! European Phased Adaptive Approach, the missiles in Romania, Poland and on 32 ships in the Mediterranean Sea (4 now stationed in Cadiz) will lead to Launch On Warning by 2017 followed by Suicide by mistake. We must make the Pentagon understand: THERE IS NO DEFENSE AGAINST LAUNCH ON WARNING !!! Stop the missiles or commit Suicide. By the way, on youtube there are many videos via google earth that shows age-old buildings on Mars, etc. It seems they committed Suicide in Nuclear War and moved here. On Mars there are also three piramids and a sfinks, in the mountains a large statue like Ramses.
    Why don’t they tell us that Mars has large lakes and forests ? It’s all on youtube.

  2. Roger Lafontaine

    Victoria Nuland got caught with her hand in the regime change and now the kettle is calling Putin Hitler (on CNBC). Another CIA covert catastrophe in Kiev. The ‘neo-libs’ and the ‘neo-cons’ in pursuit of profits and power. Meanwhile Global Warming quietly and stealthily driving the whole planet toward doomsday.

    1. Stan Lippmann

      Don’t get distracted with the AGW genocidal banker fraud. It’s hard for me to understand how many well meaning people like yourself have gotten sucked into this scam. Why can’t you see it’s just another way to enslave mankind. There is no sound scientific basis for believing CO2 is a threat. And the empirical evidence shows no warming for 18 years now, so obviously the models have failed. Don’t be too hard on yourself when you realize you have been conned. I took it hard when I realized I had been conned myself.
      Stan Lippmann, Ph.D.

  3. speak truth

    Nulands Zionist husband Kagan pushing for regime change in Ukraine. she exposed the regime change, while they found Zionists from Israel training the National Socialist Party (neo Nazis). We supported the alciaeda in Syria…now this. PUTIN is right, US miscalculated the issue. Europe will not go along with US warmongers, cuz they love that Russian oil.

  4. hammersmith

    U.S. wearing itself out (mis)managing the world. The once-rich country that has not come to terms with the fact that it has lost all it money.

    1. El Tonno

      This is actually a good article but I take exception with:

      “but it did arguably pry the Balkans away from the Russian orbit and into the neoliberal camp.”

      What camp is that? I can assure you that there is NOTHING “liberal” about Europe these days; it is a frankly festering socialistic agency on the deathbed of high debt, high taxes, a sclerotic system of economic control maintained by a large state bureaucracy, all glues together by vested interests in welfare measures of all kind pumping money to the well-connected.

      Seeing that the “neoliberals” were indeed those liberals that demanded more state intervention for a “kinder, gentler” life after WWII, the adjective may be apposite though.

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