07/10/08 – Philip Weiss – The Scott Horton Show

by | Jul 10, 2008 | Interviews

Philip Weiss, syndicated columnist, author of the blog MondoWeiss and the book American Taboo: A Murder in the Peace Corps, discusses the touchy subject of the Israel Lobby and Jewish power in American politics, the difficulty Americans face in criticizing Israel due to the smear of ‘antisemitism,’ the centrality of Israel policy to the neoconservatives, majority Jewish-American support for the takeover of Jerusalem, Barack Obama’s pandering to the Lobby, the relative peace position of the Olmert government compared to the U.S. War Party, the Lobby-Christian Zionist alliance, the brutality of Israeli settlers in the West Bank, the cause of the media blackout on the occupation, the new J-Street lobby and Israel’s conflict with Iran.


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