11/16/18 Patrick Martin on the CIA Democrats

by | Nov 21, 2018 | Interviews

Patrick Martin, of the World Socialist Web Site, comes back on the show for an update on his last appearance. 11 of the democratic candidates he mentioned last time won their congressional races, and 7 more came very close, which he says is a fairly strong performance but probably not quite the one they had hoped for. These new representatives all come from backgrounds in the military or intelligence agencies, and instead of using their experience as a principled basis for opposing war, they are strong supporters of the U.S.’s military endeavors abroad. Martin laments the generally sad state of affairs on the American left when it comes to compromising on war, even among many so-called socialists.

Discussed on the show:

Patrick Martin is the senior national political writer for the World Socialist Web Site, where he is the author of numerous articles.

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