9/17/21 Weimin Chen on Why the Approaching Completion of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Is Great News

by | Sep 20, 2021 | Interviews

Scott talks with Weimin Chen about his recent article on the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline. The pipeline will transport natural gas from Russia to Germany. Chen explains that these two countries have a long history of conflict, so we should see increased economic engagement as a triumph. But of course, that’s not how many in the U.S. government see it. Chen explains that those involved with the project have had to deal with U.S. sanctions since the Obama Administration. Washington has opposed the project both in the name of protecting American gas companies from competition and as a way to avoid giving Russia leverage over Europe. However, the Biden Administration has stopped the sanctions, signaling a change in the American position. Some Europeans themselves oppose the pipeline on environmental grounds. And others are upset they’ll make less collecting fees on gas traveling through their borders. But both Scott and Chen agree that all sides need to consider the risk of thermonuclear war when advocating against economic engagement. 

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Weimin Chen is a research assistant at the Austrian Economics Center and is a manager and project/events coordinator at the International Student Center’s Arts for Peace Initiative in New York City.

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