The Antiwar Comic: War Crimes Paradox

Bradley Manning is getting a push these days with the trial heating up.  (Although, who really knows what's going on when they won't let the crowd-funded stenographer in.) Let's all hope Bradley goes free.  If not after this trial, maybe he'll get pardoned after the next presidential election. For more comics visit:

The Accomodationists: Memo to Liberals on the White House Death Warrants

by (the heroic) Chris Floyd Let us hear no more excuses for Barack Obama. Let us hear no more defenses, no more special pleading, no more extenuations. Let us have no more reciting of the "pressures" he is under, of the "many obstacles" that balk him in his quest to do us good, of the "bad advisors" who are swaying him to unworthy acts against his will. Let us be done at last with all these wretched lies, these complicitous self-deceptions that are facilitating atrocity and tyranny on a...

Don’t Ask; Go to Hell

Obama is going to be the ruin of my hate. And the State the ruination of my personality. As a racist and sexist, I live to annoy white guys especially that most pernicious of the breed, the heterosexual liberal. If this were a sane time and place as in not 21st Century America, my instinctive dyke archness could flourish. Instead, I am forced to march down West Hollywood with Drew Barrymore for such "rights" as f*ck licenses and Arab killing to please NPR listeners. Anyway, the Don't Ask,...

IVAW to crash the debate?

"Sgt Matthis Chiroux plans on getting in with his colleagues regardless.He spoke with Stephen of earlier this week." [youtube:]