Don’t Ask; Go to Hell

by | Dec 16, 2008 | Stress Blog | 8 comments

Obama is going to be the ruin of my hate. And the State the ruination of my personality. As a racist and sexist, I live to annoy white guys especially that most pernicious of the breed, the heterosexual liberal. If this were a sane time and place as in not 21st Century America, my instinctive dyke archness could flourish. Instead, I am forced to march down West Hollywood with Drew Barrymore for such “rights” as f*ck licenses and Arab killing to please NPR listeners.

Anyway, the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell story has already vanished from the front pages and without so much as a meeting of the Electoral College. I’d complain but to whom about what? The God King Kenyan? The Neocons? The Log Cabin Republicans? Save the queers. End the Empire.