2/14/18 Grant Smith on the Israel Lobby and American Policy

Grant Smith returns to the show to discuss his upcoming conference "The Israel Lobby and American Policy" and the recent Al Jazeera documentary "The Lobby," which he wrote about in a recent article for Antiwar.com "Will Al Jazeera Air The Lobby Before AIPAC Meets?" Smith also gives a detailed breakdown of the list of great speakers who will be presenting at the conference on March 2nd. You can buy your tickets to see Grant, Scott, and more through Eventbrite. Grant F. Smith is the author of a...

1/24/18 Greg Shupak on the arrest of Palestinian 16-year-old Ahed Tahimi

University of Toronto professor Greg Shupak joins Scott to discuss his article "Slapping An Israeli Soldier More Newsworthy Than Shooting A Palestinian Child In The Face." Shupak details the events that led up to Ahed Tamimi's arrest after her cousin was shot in the face with a rubber bullet by an Israeli soldier. Shupak then describes the treatment of Palestinians in Israeli military prisons, where torture of children is well-documented and 16-year-olds are tried as adults. Shupak then...

11/15/17 Grant Smith on Americans’ waning patience for military spending

Grant Smith, director of the Institute for Research Middle Eastern Policy returns to the show to discuss his latest article for Antiwar.com "Poll: Americans Would Cut Middle East War Spending." Smith promotes the IRMEP's upcoming 2018 conference and explains why he believes the organized Israel lobbying groups are, contrary to their claims, unrepresentative of American Jewish communities. Scott and Smith then discuss whether Israel needs the United States' continual aid and why...

10/6/17 Alex Kane on the rise of American police training in Israel

Journalist Alex Kane joins the show to talk about his latest article "Ending Deadly Collusion between U.S. and Israeli Police." Kane describes how American police regularly travel to Israel to train, and how the Jewish Voice for Peace Chapter decided to bring light to the issue through their new "Deadly Exchange." According to Kane, hundreds of American police officers have travelled to Israel and trained with Israeli commanders. Kane then details the multifaceted cooperation between Israeli...

10/27/17 Gareth Porter deconstructs Trump’s decision to decertify the Iran Deal

Gareth Porter returns to the show to discuss his latest article for The American Conservative "Trump Trashes Iran Deal to Satisfy Netanyahu." Porter discusses Trump's goal to convince Congress to pass new sanctions against Iran and explains why, even if the United States breaks the deal, Iran may have incentives to remain in the deal. Porter and Scott then take a trip back down memory road to the outset of the Iraq War and the role Iran played in helping push the U.S. gears into war. The two...

Tuesday Mornin’ Coffee

News Round-Up:

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The Persecution of John Kiriakou

Why is Georgia Secretly Giving Student Test Scores to Military Recruiters?

Israeli Leader Sharpens Call on U.S. to Set Limits on Iran

How We Became Israel

Remember When Obama Thought the FISA Amendments Act Was Imperfect?

Monday Mornin’ Coffee

America’s refusal to extradite Bolivia’s ex-president to face genocide charges
Forget Iran, it’s Israel’s Nuclear Gun Pointed at Obama’s Head The Greatest Myth of American Politics?
The tug o’ war at Bagram
India and Pakistan sign landmark visa deal
China’s Presumptive New Leader Is Mysteriously Absent
Turkey puts 44 journalists on trial for terrorism and backing pro-Kurd group

Murray Rothbard on Israel

"On War Guilt (and Peaceful Coexistence) in the Middle East" by Murray N. Rothbard 1967 Update: For that matter, here is ALL of the journal Left & Right.