10/13/17 Andy Worthington on the latest hunger strikes at Guantanamo

Author and director Andy Worthington returns to the show to discuss his latest article, "New York Times Finally Reports on Trump's Policy of Letting Guantanamo Hunger Strikers Die; Rest of Media Still Silent." Worthington details the legacy of hunger strikes at Guantanamo Bay and explains that the U.S. is facing the awful decision whether they should they let prisoners starve themselves to death or use grotesque measures to force feed them to keep them alive. According to Worthington the...

The Antiwar Comic: The Party

Hello all. My name is Tony DiGerolamo and I write comics. I've been a big fan of Scott Horton and his radio show for a long time, having followed it on Antiwar.com. As an anti-interventionist, I always felt I wasn't doing enough. So one day, I thought, "Well, why not do an antiwar comic? That's what you do. Make comics after all." So, I launched the Antiwar Comic on my website, The Webcomic Factory. It's about all things antiwar, how war impacts people, perceptions of foreign policy--- If...

Feces-throwing monkey on the loose in Tampa Bay

Wildlife officials said a rhesus monkey known to throw feces when mad is on the loose in Tampa Bay. Authorities have been trying to capture the primate since Tuesday afternoon, but it managed to evade a bucket truck and tranquilizer dart. OK, this is a serious emergency. But I think in the public interest, I should provide a better caption photo than the one used on the news site. Now, watch out if you're in Tampa, because the feces in question tends to emerge from the hole under his nose.


That George W. Bush never stops impressing me. Er, well, I guess I mean impressing upon me the importance of his personal criminal accountability and of the necessity of limiting state power until there is no more of it. Well, and of course there's the whole oppressing me things he does too, like tapping my phone, reading my emails and slaughtering foreigners in my name.

George W. Bush’s Torture Porn

The President made a special request to watch the now-missing tapes of the torture of the already-severely-mentally-ill-at-the-time Abu Zubaydah. You remember Abu Zubaydah right?

George W. Bush: What a Fucking Disgrace

RawStory: Topping Nixon, Bush disapproval soars to highest level ever recorded in Gallup poll For the first time, George W. Bush has surpassed Richard M. Nixon in unpopularity in the Gallup Poll, receiving the highest "strongly disapprove" rating for a president in Gallup's history. The little noticed statistic -- publicly noted on Gallup's poll writeup -- made a single headline in Google News. The story, at Editor and Publisher, was titled "GALLUP: Bush Finally Tops Nixon -- In Unpopularity...

‘We Do Not Torture’: The Lies Started in 1967

Via The Other Scott Horton: New York Times, ‘Branding Rite Laid to Yale University,’ Nov. 8, 1967 NEW HAVEN, Nov. 7—A Yale fraternity accused by the student newspaper of burning its initiates with a brand will have its fate decided Friday by student fraternity leaders. The fraternity, Delta Kappa Epsilon, could face the temporary closure of its house and a $1,000 fine resulting from alleged violations of rules previously passed by the Inter-Fraternity Council, which consists of Yale’s five...