The Antiwar Comic: The Party

by | Jul 26, 2012 | Antiwar Comic, Stress Blog | 3 comments

Hello all.

My name is Tony DiGerolamo and I write comics. I’ve been a big fan of Scott Horton and his radio show for a long time, having followed it on As an anti-interventionist, I always felt I wasn’t doing enough. So one day, I thought, “Well, why not do an antiwar comic? That’s what you do. Make comics after all.” So, I launched the Antiwar Comic on my website, The Webcomic Factory. It’s about all things antiwar, how war impacts people, perceptions of foreign policy— If you’re a fan of Scott’s, I think you will be familiar with many of the themes. The Antiwar Comic is illustrated by Roberto Cota Briceño and written by me. It’s posted weekly on the site along with many other comics I write. Click the image below to get the full view. This story is about how my antiwar views suddenly made me the focus at a party and not in a good way.