‘We Do Not Torture’: The Lies Started in 1967

by | Nov 6, 2007 | Stress Blog

Via The Other Scott Horton:

New York Times, ‘Branding Rite Laid to Yale University,’ Nov. 8, 1967

NEW HAVEN, Nov. 7—A Yale fraternity accused by the student newspaper of burning its initiates with a brand will have its fate decided Friday by student fraternity leaders.

The fraternity, Delta Kappa Epsilon, could face the temporary closure of its house and a $1,000 fine resulting from alleged violations of rules previously passed by the Inter-Fraternity Council, which consists of Yale’s five fraternity presidents.

The charges against Delta Kappa Epsilon were made last Friday in a Yale Daily News article that accused campus fraternities of carrying on ‘sadistic and obscene’ initiation procedures.

The charge that has caused the most controversy on the Yale campus is that Delta Kappa Epsilon applied a ‘hot branding iron’ to the small of the back of its 40 new members in ceremonies two weeks ago. A photograph showing a scab in the shape of the Greek letter Delta, approximately a half inch wide, appeared with the article.

A former president of Delta said that the branding is done with a hot coathanger. But the former president, George Bush, a Yale senior, said that the resulting wound is ‘only a cigarette burn.’

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